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JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN  by Henrik Ibsen adapted by Lucinda Coxon
The Bridge Theatredirected by Nicholas Hytner
SET DESIGN Anna Fleischle  |  LIGHTING James Francombe  |   SOUND Gareth Fry   |  COSTUME DESIGN Liam Bunster   |  PHOTOGRAPHY Manuel Harlan


'The sense of claustrophobia afflicting the family group is emphasised by Anna Fleischle's brooding, corrugated set which conjures the modernist palace in which Borkman is confined, pacing the landings of the upper room while Gunhild watches TV and tries to shut out the noise below. The sheer size of it separates each character from the other; they are always trying to have intimate conversations while shouting across a vast expanse of space' 


'Borkman’s Norwegian home is a modernist concrete bunker (excellent shadowy design by Anna Fleischle).'  


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