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book Lauren Gunderson, music Dave Stewart & Joss Stone

Apollo Theatredirected by Bill Buckhurst
SET & COSTUME DESIGN Anna Fleischle | LIGHTING Lucy Carter & Rory Beaton  | MUSIC Nick Finlow | ILLUSIONS Chris Fisher | CHOREOGRAPHY Shalley Maxwell 

TTW prologue.jpg

' The star of the new show, ... is the staging itself. Anna Fleischle’s design is a wonder of flexibility, with panels that turn to reveal swiftly changing locations from meadows to libraries to luxurious New York apartments with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of impact.'


'...the optics sell the production, with well-crafted illusions by Chris Fisher for Henry’s disappearing acts. His time-travelling is signified by a crackle of light and we see his silhouette twist behind one of set designer Anna Fleischle’s beautiful gliding screens.'

The Guardian

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