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A German Life


Bridge Theatre

Written by Christopher Hampton  |  Directed by Jonathan Kent  |  Set & Costume by Anna Fleischle

LIGHTING Jon Clark  |  SOUND Paul Groothius  | PHOTOGRAPHY Helen Maybanks

Praise for the Work

"Returning to the stage after a 12-year absence at the age of 84, Smith barely moves, but Anna Fleischle's brown, dully-domesticated set slides slowly forwards and day turns to night as she reveals the ways in which an ordinary girl from an ordinary family can slowly become trammelled in the deepest reaches of evil, without ever realising where she is residing."  Whats On Stage

“The actor doesn’t so much draw us in as literally draw close without us noticing. The wooden floor in Anna Fleischle’s cunning design inches imperceptibly forward until by the end Smith is at the front of the Bridge Theatre’s thrust stage.”  The Arts Journal

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