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Death of a Salesman


Hudson Theatre, Broadway

Written by Arthur Miller  |  Directed by Miranda Cromwell  |  Set by Anna Fleischle   |  Costume by Anna Fleischle & Sarita Fellows

Lighting by Jen Schriever  |  Sound by Michaal Sulaiman  |  Composer Femi Temowo  | Photography by Joan Marcus

Praise for the Work

"...Likewise, though the play’s web of urban imagery, much written about in A.P. English essays, is duly honored in Anna Fleischle’s skeletal set design, it gets new life when seen in the light of the redistricting and gentrification that squeezed many people like the Lomans out of their homes." New York Times (Critic's Pick)

"...But they soon leave forlorn Linda (Sharon D Clarke) alone on a small platform under designer Anna Fleischle’s suspended window frames, chairs, and tables, while the iconic silhouette of her tired old salesman husband, Willy (Wendell Pierce), hat on his head and a sample case in either hand, emerges from a doorway which is also emerging from the darkness. The message is clear: The world of this Salesman will form as easily as it breaks apart; so too the fragile bonds of family, place, position." Vulture

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