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Nottingham Playhouse

Written by James Graham  |  Directed by Adam Penford |  Production Design by Anna Fleischle

Lighting by Robbie Butler  |  Sound by Alexandra Faye Braithwaite  |  Movement by Leanne Pinder  |  Photography by Marc Brenner 

Praise for the Work

"Anna Fleischle’s atmospheric set features a soaring, asphalt-textured bridge, with sloping ramps in front of a painted backdrop of chalky, skeletal buildings. Hidden doors slam shut, blocking escape routes as Dunne’s options diminish." The Stage

"The spare set, designed by Anna Fleischle, gives unhampered space to the drama of light and sound: the blare of nightclub music as Jacob goes out partying, the glare of lights that bring horror and reckoning. Both fill the stage and seem to surround us, too." The Guardian

"...That hard-won, agonising encounter is searing, intense stuff. Graham sketches in contributing societal and psychological factors – Dunne’s single-parent upbringing and complex educational needs, the malignant environment of the Meadows housing estate where he would kick about (its walkways to nowhere grimly suggested by Anna Fleischle’s set)." The Telegraph

"On a two-level set by Anna Fleischle that apes the concrete of the Meadows estate from which he springs, David Shields’s Dunne narrates his own story, supported by a superb cast of five. He starts off with a plausible alpha strut as he dips and dives between school and mum and nightclub and dealing drugs and nightclub. Dance music throbs. The outlaw buzz is tangible." The Times

"Adam Penford’s direction fully utilises the predominantly static stage, seeing most of the actors on view at the same time, performing peripheral roles or changing additional set pieces fluidly. Anna Fleischle’s set design, employing a semi-circular, two-tier, grey stone/metal structure, is impressive. It is used to represent an industrial walkway, boy’s bedroom, prison, club, hospital, and an estate, among many other settings." WhatsOnStage

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